St. Paul's Gallery

St. Paul's Gallery

St. Paul's Gallery is a remarkable attraction in Birmingham and it is a commercial art gallery, the largest in the United Kingdom outside London. It is located in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, England.

St Pauls Gallery is the World's leading retailer in signed limited edition album cover fine art. Opened in 2002 St Pauls has steadily grown to what is now the largest collection of licensed album cover art in the World.

With well over 100 signed prints on permanent show and sale, the gallery is a place not to be missed if music is your passion. The gallery deals in two main fields original album art The World's largest collection of signed album cover fine art, including signed cover images from The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Queen etc. and fine art where its holdings include works from Picasso and Dalí to Henry Moore Bridget Riley, and In addition to its own collection St Paul's Gallery hosts a programme of visiting exhibitions.

Every print is created using the finest printing methods including screen and giclee printing onto heavy stock fine art paper. Once printed each print is checked by the artist and then signed. Many of the prints are then presented to the relevant artiste/s to sign and musicians so far who have endorsed by hand signing the prints include David Bowie, Jimmy Page, Brian May, Mark Knopfler, Nick Mason and many more.

As the print editions sell out, due to their exclusive and finite nature, the value and price of remaining prints increases so investment potential is a very real facet of collecting these important editions.

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