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No longer the unsung hero

Solihull Care Coordinator features in Tony Christie’s music video


Chloe Brown from Solihull works as a Care Coordinator for Caremark, one of the leading providers of home care in the UK. After responding to Tony Christie’s call out for images in May this year, Chloe was delighted to have her pictures used in Tony’s official music video.


Tony Christie, diagnosed with dementia last year, has collaborated on a music video that also features Sting and Nile Rodgers, where they perform the song ‘Thank you for being a friend’. The track forms part of a campaign to thank the work that carers do in the battle against dementia, and Chloe’s pictures, featuring her next to her customers, are shown in this heartwarming video.


Caremark provides a rewarding and inclusive work culture that aspires to lead the way in the care industry when it comes to valuing staff and empowering them within their roles. However, there is still a common public conception that workers in the field of caring are undervalued by society itself. This music video sings the praises of people who provide care for someone else, shining a more public-facing spotlight on the positive impact that carers have on individuals’ lives.


When talking about her job, Chloe mentions the highlights of working with her customers that make her job so important:


“Watching the customers smile, having a laugh together and building up that relationship, where you can sit and have a chat about anything and also see them being able to be independent, means a lot to me and makes me love my job.”


Caremark aims to provide high quality and outstanding home care, to change and improve the lives of their customers. Having recognition in this form has given a real boost to the team at Caremark Solihull where Chloe works.


Franchise Owner of Caremark Solihull, Herkesh Malhi, talks about what impact this high-profile acknowledgement has had on his franchise’s caring staff:


“To have Chloe, one of our own Solihull caring family, featured in this video has got everyone excited and happily talking about the part we play in our customers’ lives.


“Enabling our customers to flourish and enjoy life, living safely, happily, and as independently as possible in their own homes is what our dedicated Care Assistants do every day and I really value all the hard work our team does.


“Our focus is on improving our customers’ lives and providing the best possible care, so to have appreciation like this is very humbling to all of us.”